My Summer Beauty Obsessions, So Far.

It is officially summer. My kids are currently both home all day and, as such, we try and get out and about as much as possible. Yeah, I know- the days are long but the years are short- but the days are ESPECIALLY long if you sit around the house with 2 stir crazy girls for hours on end. So, as often as possible, we leave the house in the morning, and don't come back until bedtime. These 5 items (and of course tons of sunblock but I'll save that for another post) are perhaps not what you would expect one to pack in her beach bag, but let me tell you- when I am pulling an all-day-er, they come very much in handy.

1- Oribe Bright Blonde Conditioner: Getting in the pool is inevitable for me- if one is within Alexa's view, the entire family must be immediately dunked. I finger-comb this through my hair and throw it up on top of my head as high as possible in an effort to minimize sun and chlorine damage, and make the post-pool hair situation slightly less scary. It keeps my color in tact and my on-the-dry-side hair smooth. Plus- can we talk about the gorgeous packaging?!

2- Rodan + Fields Lip Renewing Serum: YES, I started my own Rodan + Fields business so let's just get that out of the way right now- I do sell the product. I have been in the beauty industry for 15 (gulp!) years without personally direct selling anything. So, I would only "go there" on behalf of products from a brand that I am fully obsessed with. Hence, this Lip Renewing Serum would be high up on my favorite list. Half-way through a day outdoors, my lips always start to feel parched and crackly. I pop one of these single-serve capsule puppies open, apply the anti-oxidant, peptide and Vitamin E formula to my lips and around my mouth (it reduces the inevitable appearance of those annoying fine lines), and, knock on wood, this is the first summer in recent memory that I have not endured painfully chapped lips before the 4th of July.

3- Urban Decay NAKED Smoky Palette: It wins every beauty award for a reason- it has the best of ALL worlds. Natural hues for day, deeper shades to amp it up for evening, and a double-sided brush that can be used to create multiple looks- from a tight opaque line to a sheer splash.  Not only do I love this for travel- or beach-to-bbq-without-stopping-home-to-primp-days- but once you own this palette, you can throw out every other eyeshadow you own without thinking twice. 

4- Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Las Salinas: Use it on your cheeks, dab it on your lips- it is dewy perfection and even in the blistering heat of sitting atop concrete in the blistering sun, it has yet to crack or melt. (Wish I could say the same for my daughters...and myself if I am being honest here.)

5- Suave Deodorant: I have no idea why, you guys, but this deodorant has worked better for me than anything I have ever tried. As you know if you have ever read a fashion post of mine, I sweat a lot. Not sexy, but true. And while Suave was never the name that came to mind when I was at the drugstore picking up a new deodorant, a PR person sent it to me like 2 years ago and I have used it ever since. During summer, I keep it on me at all times because it is just too risky not to.