As Seen on TV: "Today Show" Back-to-School Fashions

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 3.04.27 PM

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 3.04.27 PM

This morning I shared back-to-school fashions on the Today Show- it was an intense segment to put together, but once I had every look completed to my (very picky) liking and saw the kids all lined up in a row, it was well worth the 500 pieces of clothing called in, sorted through and ultimately returned. It is crazy to think how much prep goes into what will amount to less than five minutes. But, in my experience, the more effort you put in pre-segment, the more effortless it will look, and I obsess over segments that feel like completely relaxed conversations where a camera just happens to be there.  So, hopefully this segment felt like that. You guys can be the judge of that.

Anyway- onto the good stuff. If you loved the outfits as much as I did and want to know where you can find the pieces featured, I pasted a little cheat sheet below. To see the segment and the article with more details on, click HERE.

Pre-School: The trend is MIX, NOT MATCH- kids this little can get away with it, and it encourages them to have fun with fashion and express their personality. Because we all know getting dressed in the morning is about so much more than just putting on clothes, right?


-Mini Boden Cardigan- $56.00 at

-Crocs Jaunt Rainboots- $34.99 at

-Kicky Pants Tights- $18.00 at

-Old Navy Lunch Bag- $7.94 at


-H&M Striped Tee- $12.95 at H&M stores

-Old Navy Camo Pants- $16.94 at

-Old Navy Vest- $26.94 at

-Old Navy Lunchbox- $10 at

-Sperry Top-siders- $30 at

Elementary School: Inspired by the bright pants on the runway, but translated into denim for fashion and function, COLOR DENIM is the perfect new spin on the back-to-school classic.


-Joe’s Kids Pencil Jean- $49.00 at

-Crocs Hi Top Sneakers- $49.99 at

-H&M Butterfly Cardigan- $19.95 at H&M Stores

-Total Girl Backpack- $34.99 at


-Jumping Beans Polka-Dot Thermal- $18.00 at

-MiniBoden Classic Jeans- $34.00 at

-Old Navy Sneakers- $10.00 at

-Total Girl Messenger Bag- $34.99 at

Middle School: A personal favorite here, COZY KNITS- think plush, yummy sweaters that one could wear in a ski lodge curled up by a fire or on a Arctic fishing trip, if you will.


-H&M Ivory Sweater- $24.95 at H&M stores

-Joe’s Jean Legging- $49.00 at

-Mudd Boots- $54.99 at

-Mudd Messenger Bag- $44.00 at


-Superdry USA Buffalo Zip-Up- $250.00 at

-Urban Pipeline Pants- $42.00 at

-Land’s End Alpine Boots- $59.50 at

High School: Combine BASICS WITH BRIGHTS- oranges, corals, reds, greens are best anchored with tones of khaki, beige and brown. So you can get colorful but stay polished- and the separates can transition well into suitably sophisticated outfits for college interviews and after-school jobs.


-H&M Blouse- $39.95 at H&M Stores

-Tommy Hilfiger Wedges- $85.00 at

-H&M Jeans- $29.95 at H&M Stores


-Ditch Plains Button Down- $40.00 at

-Lands’ End Kids Zipper Sweater- $39.50 at

-Boden Chinos- $78.00 at

-Tommy Hilfiger Laptop Case- $30 at

-Rugged Boot- $49.95 at H&M Stores