Baby Style: Super Soft Estella Bamboo Onesie

For some reason, when I found out I was having a girl, I got into this very "anti-girly" phase. Which is funny because I have always been such a girly girl, but in recent years, started to get a little nauseated by it all. Call it "bow burnout" if you will.

Her nursery doesn't have a stitch of pink in it, but when it comes to dressing her, I have learned that pink is virtually impossible to avoid. And since she received this Estella Bamboo Onesie as a gift from my friend Lisette (who always knows the coolest everything), Alexa has been wearing pink regularly because I am obsessed with this thing. It is so soft and subtly chic- if that makes sense at all when referring to clothing for a one month old.

I went onto Estella's website and they have tons of options in the same yummy bamboo material. I kind of want to buy 20 onesies and cut them up and have them re-sewn together into a giant onesie that I can wear around the house on a daily basis. Although I think that would scare my husband.

FashionJenn Falik1 Comment