Love It: Glitter. Yes, Glitter.

In recent years, I have made a conscious effort not to dress in a cutesy, overly girly way. For two reasons- 1) I end up wearing those frilly pieces for one season and then I am totally sick of them and 2) I didn't want to become a caricature of myself- talking beauty and fashion all day then skipping home in a pink poufy dress. This whole new self imposed style direction meant steering clear of things like, well, glitter.  But, perhaps in an act of rebelling against myself, lately I am obsessed with things that sparkle in the least subtle way possible.

Specifically, I am talking about Sparkly Soul headbands and Toms Shoes Glitters. Let me explain...

Sparkly Soul Headbands: Yes, they are colorful and fun, but they also happen to be the most amazing way to keep your hair out of your face while working out. They have a patent-pending design that keeps them exactly where you put them, no matter how vigorous the sweat session (as it is I have a tendency to sweat a lot, and to see me in Flywheel, you would think I had a medical condition or something- seriously, it is a tad embarrassing). While at first I planned on just wearing the headbands to spin, they have somehow crept into my everyday ensembles- making a boring ponytail, littered with frayed hairs along my forehead, appear sleek and styled.

Toms Shoes Glitters: I am not a Toms girl. Yes, they look cool on some people, but on me, they look ridiculous. However, when I saw Andrea Arterbery wearing a pair of glittery ones at the Dove event a couple weeks ago, I decided what the heck, I'll give them another try. I ordered a pair for myself in the deep purple shade that Andrea had on (yes, I am a fashion copycat) and of course a pair of pink ones for Alexa. While I will admit, I have yet to wear them out, I do enjoy the disco touch that they add to my closet.