William Rast Leather Jacket: Could It Be "The One"?

To anyone who has spent any amount of time with me lately, or follows me on Twitter, me stating that I am on the hunt for the perfect motorcycle jacket will not be news. It is kind of all I can talk about. Well, that and how much I love my dog Norman and how excited I am about the Today Show segment I just booked for November 2nd.

But, I digress...

So- I am convinced that the perfect motorcycle jacket is going to complete my fall wardrobe in one fell swoop. A lot of pressure for one item, I know. It is going to take a strong, tough, edgy, durable piece o' leather to handle all that responsibility- and I think I may have found "the one."

This William Rast Jacket (I don't have a JPEG, so you are gonna have to click to see it in all it's glory) fits perfectly- I should know since I tried it on at Saks today when my husband wasn't looking. Close to the body, soft but not too soft, with just the right amount of zipper detailing and a nice, angled floppy collar.

If I continue to fantasize about it for another few days, I am gonna give in and buy it. But then, what will I have to talk about? I am sure I'll think of something. Over-the-knee boots, perhaps?

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