Eres Bathing Suits- So flattering.

Eres Maillot I am going to St. Barths next week- and my packing panic has already set in. Right now, I am very into full piece bathing suits- after several bikini-clad summers, I have decided that there is something subtly sexy, and infinitely wearable, about a full one piece swimsuit. I have heard women rave about Eres swimwear for years- but I myself have yet to try one. They are pricey- and I never really understood what was so amazing about them.

Well, now I can confidently claim- Eres swimsuits are worth every penny.

I just tried on the La Peau Cassiopee Swimsuit and I am now a convert. With swimwear, maybe it does pay to look at quality of quantity. After all, if you look good in a suit- why not wear it a couple times during one vacation? The potential boredom from repetition becomes null and void when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection off the water and can smile with confidence.