My Day Is Not Complete Until I Visit HomeGoods.

HomeGoods store in Westport, Connecticut


When I wake up, it is among the first things I think about. Did a new shipment come in today? Do I need another set of storage bins? Did I possibly miss a piece of burnt orange glassware on yesterday's visit? Why didn't I get that toddler recliner chair with the built in cup holder?

Next to Costco, HomeGoods has fast become my favorite suburban indulgence.  But unlike CostCo, which in my opinion should be kept to a once-a-month destination, you can go to HomeGoods like five times in one week, if not more. I have bought guest bedroom sheets there, towels, splatter screens, drawer liners, waste baskets, and toothbrush holders. Yesterday I decided we needed to amp up the color in our kitchen by putting orange and purple glass vases in the top cabinets behind the glass doors, and one trip to HomeGoods later, it looks like I have been collecting for years. Oh- and on that same trip, I got Alexa a monkey costume for Halloween. 

The trick is to saunter each aisle as slowly as humanly possible- because chances are someone else will speed by you, take something off the shelf and reveal a treasure trove of items that at first glance could easily be missed.  

 And they have the best licorice and sour watermelon candy bags up by the register.

(Side note: I took this photo on a recent late night run and it totally captures the way I feel about the place.)