Emily Schuman of "cupcakes and cashmere" is my new girl crush.

 Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere talk beauty with Jenn Falik


One of the great things about writing for Saks POV (besides the fact that it is, well, Saks) is that I get to meet people I would never otherwise encounter, and ask them questions that without a pen in hand, I would never otherwise ask. Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with Emily Schuman, the blogger behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, at Saks' Estee Lauder counter. In a sea of really boring, poorly written, wanna-be blogs. hers is a major standout and one of the very few that I read regularly.

Granted, her impeccable outfits, seemingly simple but way beyond my skill set recipes and the fact that she had the genius idea to serve "blue meth" rock candy for a "Breaking Bad" viewing party TOTALLY make me feel inadequate, but hey- maybe in my next life...?

Oh- and to make matters worse, on the train in I realized that I forgot to shave my legs (mind you I was wearing a short dress) and completely blanked on feeding my daughter lunch before darting out the door. As if I didn't feel like enough of a mess already.

I kind of wanted her to be obnoxious in person just so I would feel like I had one thing going for me, but she wasn't. At all. I am smitten. And impressed.

Check out this story for her beauty tips and some behind the scene pictures of our Fashion Week beauty break.