I Could Be Outside. But Instead, I Am Home. Writing About Something Called Baked Body Frosting.

Like many of my cohorts in the beauty industry, I have access to tons of products, and I am lucky enough to try new things all the time. And while it may behoove me to be better about updating my blog daily sharing the details on which ones I love, life is just too hectic right now. And when it isn't hectic with work stuff, I like to try and get time in with Alexa- she is 9 months now and deliciously cute.  So you can blame my lack of updates on her. But once you see that face, you will forgive me instantly.

Anyway- right now, I could be outside playing with her in Madison Square Park. But I am not. Want to know why? Because I feel it is my duty to take 20 minutes to tell you about a product that I am madly in love with and you all need to know about- and more than just know about, you need to own.

Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow. Yeah, yeah- I know- I too kinda cringe at the idea of "frosting" (except when it is on a big slice of yellow cake) but this product blows my mind. It is a giant domed powder bronzer (with hints of cream and pearly pink), and applied on the body with the dry puff that it comes with, your skin glows like a freaking swimsuit model.  I use it on my legs and arms whenever I happen to be baring some skin- and it has yet to rub off on one ivory pencil skirt or pastel blouse.  And as I probably mentioned- I am a sweaty person. Hence this is even more impressive.

So as not to make my face jealous, I also treat my cheekbones, jawline and forehead to a light dusting, applied with a fan brush- a little bit is all you need for the most impressive touch of polish.

On top of the inherent amazingness of this product, the woman behind it happens to be equally impressive. I met Laura Geller once briefly, and she is adorably self-depricating and genuinely kind.  And, as I have said before, I always take the person behind the brand into consideration when it comes to my decision to rave (or rant) about anything- a beauty product, a fashion find, etc. I strongly believe that, in business, being nice is everything.* It may sound fluffy- but I think I have done fairly well for myself to date, so that should count for something. And Laura Geller has done extremely well- her brand is one of the top (if not the top) selling makeup brands on QVC.

A little Baked Body Frosting, a touch of humor and humility, and an authentic smile to top it all off? That, my friends, is a recipe for success.

*Disclaimer- because I know many a close friend who will call me out on it- I am no angel. In my non-work life, I have a tendency to be a little snarky (to put it mildly). My sweet husband can certainly attest to my bouts of "only-child"-esque behavior. I am not claiming to be sugar and spice and everything nice all the time, but, in an industry of interesting personalities, I pride myself on being a genuinely kind person to work with. Or at least I try really hard to be.