The Fashion Holy Grail: A Chic Trench with a Hood

I honestly do not understand why ANYONE would make a trench coat without a hood. Any sort of coat that could potentially be worn on even a SLIGHTLY rainy day should, by law, come with a hood. Either that, or the makers of said coat should allow me to submit my salon bills to them for reimbursement each time a perfectly good blowout is ruined by the fine mist of rain that the hood-less coat neglects to protect me from.

And I am not alone here. Every rainy day, I could not help but wax poetic about my fruitless search- and typically whoever I was lamenting to expressed the exact same frustration. Sure, there are plenty of raincoats out there with hoods- but if it is a more classic trench style you are seeking, the options are few and far between.

So, when I got an email from the very stylish Vanessa, an adorable producer I work with at E! News, embedded with a link to an item she claimed was  the answer to our  hair prayers, my online purchase was imminent.  Not to mention timely, given the recent influx of rainy days.

Thanks to the J. Crew Matinee Trench, I have never looked quite so chic on a rainy day- at least from my head to about an inch above my knees.

The cut is close to the body, the details are true to the iconic trench style, and the waist belt can be tied as tightly as you wish to create a flattering silhouette. And the gold hardware- gorgeous. Plus, they carry petite sizing, which for my 5 foot 2 frame fit perfectly- even the sleeves hit right where I want them to.

Oh- and it is now on sale for $119.99 in the light khaki- the only one to get, if you want my opinion.

The Matinee Trench easily looks like a $500+ coat. Only better. Because I bet that $500 coat wouldn't be street smart enough to come with a hood.

In case you want to see the front view- here you go: