MAC products always get me into the mood to experiment with my makeup- and hence, much of my weekend was spent trying out new looks courtesy of a package I received last week with a preview of the brand's fall offerings.

My first favorite is the Greasepaint Stick. Just the name alone is enough to make me obsessed with it. I gave it a go on an especially humid day, and it didn't melt at all- delivering 18 hours of intensely sexy, shimmering smudge. And while this may sound odd- bear with me...It is the perfect product to wear on a no-makeup day, when you want to look just a little rumpled- rumpled in that mysterious "I wonder where she was last night" way.

Running errands on Saturday, I quickly swiped a lil' grease on my upper and lower lash lines, smudged it out with a Q-tip, and voila- all I needed was a giant Starbucks to have everyone fooled that my life was much more exciting and glamorous than it actually is.