Mark Blue Jean Denim Leggings: $25? Really? Truly a Style Steal.

Mark Denim Leggings

I still can’t believe that there isn’t a typo on the price ($25?!) for these Mark Blue Jean Denim Leggings. So many denim leggings I have found lately have issues- either in their quest to still qualify as denim they are too thick and add bulk, or in their urgency to be leggings, they are too soft and don’t do anything to help your legs look lean.

I couldn’t get over how comfy they were when I put them on, and when Brian- my husband who is in private equity by day but by night serves as my personal style sounding board- commented that he liked them, I was sold.

These must be paired with the highest heels you can muster- preferably something chunky so as to create the illusion of a slim leg. As the weather transitions into fall I have been topping these off with a thin tee or tank and a long boyfriend blazer, but as the temperature drops, long, cozy sweaters with oversized cowl necks in shades of grey and beige will come into the picture.