My Skin is Freaking Out on Me. Yay for Mario Badescu.

You know how there are those products that you hear celebs rave about time and time again, you hear beauty editors kvell over month after month, and yet for some reason, you never get around to trying them?

That was me and the famous Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Until the other day, when I noticed a big unsightly blemish on my chin, less than 24 hours before I had a photographer coming over to take family pictures to commemorate the birth of Alexa. Go figure.

I had a bottle of this fabled miracle potion in the back of my beauty stash- and figured the time had come to give it a try. Glad I did. The next morning, my big ol' whitehead was considerably smaller and less red. Apparently the magic is in the sulfur- I like to imagine it sucking the life out the evil breakout like a pink-cloaked caped crusader. Whatever it is, it works. And that is really all I need to know about it.