Being Sweet, Made Simple: Sugarfina


I have always envied good gifters. And I mean good gifter not in the sense of the actual gift being the most amazing "how did I live without that?!" present on the planet, but a good gifter in the sense of giving appropriate gifts to show appreciation for, or acknowledgement of, the smaller things- help  brainstorming for a work project, taking Alexa to a music class when I am away, inviting us over for an afternoon playdate that, 3 bottles of wine later, evolves into a spontaneous dinner party.

The key to being this kind of good gifter is, in my opinion, having a go-to site from which to gift anyone and everyone for anything and everything. 

Enter Sugarfina. Created by the founders to be the candy boutique of their dreams, the site features the highest quality candy from all over the world, packaged beautifully and bundled creatively (read: greatly gift-able).

Artisan gummy bears, s'mores marshmallow candies, cuba libre gummy cubes, gluten-free chocolate licorice pandas...As a candy fanatic who has tried more treats than I care to share (I would say ask my dentist, but he is enjoying early retirement today thanks to my sweet tooth), I am in awe of the offering and have no doubt that regardless of the occasion, budget or recipient, you will find something within seconds. (Since efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to these kinds of gifts, right? Nobody wants to spend an hour searching around for a token of appreciation. A birthday gift for a close friend? Sure. A thank you to the lady at my daughter's gym class who squeezed her in to an overbooked class? Nope.)

Since I was introduced to this site, I have thought about it constantly, perused it hourly, and waited for someone to do something nice for me so I could dazzle them with a delivery.

Hint, hint. 

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