Personal Triumph: Smokey-ish eyes in 60 seconds

Getting dressed up is becoming more and more challenging- as the bump grows and motivation to experiment with new and unique outfit combos wanes. So I am putting the pressure on my makeup to communicate the look I am going for now more than ever.

I was never much of a smokey eye girl. If anything I would go slightly heavier on the liner and then stick to my beloved Stila Kitten shadow or something equally golden and light for the rest of the lid, loving that natural glowy effect. But now, I am getting slightly more daring- somewhat freely applying deep shades of black and smudging to my heart's content. Now don't worry- we aren't talking Taylor Momsen raccoon eyes here- much more subtle but still, in my opinion, substantial.

There are two products that I have fallen in love with to master this new makeup phase I am in:

If you have 60 seconds to spare: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Anthracite:

A perennial makeup artist favorite, I apply this creamy formula with a pointed, domed concealer brush along the lash line, and then blend up. I add as I go, smudging away until I have a nice gunmetal layer of color just up into the crease below my brow bone. And this stuff does NOT move. If I were going out for a big crazy night, this would be my go-to. The operative word here being "if"- the craziest my nights have been as of late involve when I decide to stay up past 11 to catch The Daily Show. I am serious.

If you have 15 seconds to spare: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Noir:

Could. Not. Be. Easier. The super soft pencil swipes right on, just quickly sweep back and forth along upper lash line and smudge up with the smudge nubbin (yes, I am deeming that the official name) to get that masterful messy effect. If you want more rock & roll, just keep depositing color from the pencil and smudging. When you get the effect you want, take the nubbin and brush it along lower lash line so the leftover color just so slightly smudges under the eye and voila- done.