Why I Painted My Front Door Purple.

Before owning a home, I never understood why people cared about "curb appeal." I mean, wasn't money better spent inside the house on cozy but awesome furniture, cool art, an art deco brass bar cart, or things of that sort? Then, I became a home owner myself and realized that having a "wow factor" when you pull up someone's driveway can instantly set the tone for any at-home gathering- shaping your perception before even walking through the front door of what the energy in the house may be. (Yes, I know this is not the same definition of curb appeal that real estate agents probably use- but for me, outside of the obvious ability to enhance resale value- this is why curb appeal resonates.)

I am madly in love with our house. Initially built as a spec house, the only thing that I felt was missing was that touch of whimsy which really only comes from a home being lived in and loved. ome sweet homeHoH

Which is why I decided to paint our front door purple. 

And it changed EVERYTHING. 

While researching options (and gathering photos to show my husband as part of my informal case study on why we should totally paint our beautiful dark wood front door a light purple hue with a lacquered finish), I came across so many inspiring images of homes that transformed their entire vibe simply by doing this same thing- and there was no stopping me. No matter how many people looked at me like I was insane, the door was going to be purple- it was just a matter of how and when.

I opted for Benjamin Moore Lavender Lipstick but had it made using a Fine Paints of Europe formula to give it the crazy shiny finish and durability for outdoor use. For the sidelights, transom (that is the window thingie above the door) and garage doors, we selected Benjamin Moore Kendall Charchoal. At first, I wasn't loving it and considered changing to a lighter grey, but now, a few months in, I am in love with the contrast between the dark and pastel- to me, it reads a touch more sophisticated then sticking to a light palette. 

Oh- and in case you are wondering- I got the "Holla" door mat here, and my new go-to source for modern planters is this site called Urbilis (which is not where I got the planters pictured but, had it existed when I initially bought them, I totally would have).

Home for me means a place that is cozy, a little quirky, and always inviting- and now, every time I pull up the driveway and see the sunlight bouncing off our super shiny pastel purple front door, I instantly feel like I am HOME. 

Below are a few images I found on Pinterest that inspired the project- I debated between orange and purple for a while, but my husband is a proud University of Texas alum and anything outside the perfect burnt orange would have for sure annoyed him every time he walked into the house. But had to still throw one in because in the event you are motivated to do a little front door fixing up, it is a very strong option to keep on your radar.