Sneakers That Even My Sneaker-Averse Five Year Old Will Wear

Alexa just won't wear sneakers. She is a glittery Crocs or sparkly flip flop kind of a girl, and no matter how inappropriate her go-to shoes are for an occasion (i.e. sports, a nature walk, ummmm- cold, rainy weather), any pair of sneakers I put in front of her for the past year has sat in her closet, untouched. 

But the other day, she sprinted out of her room at a speed I could tell instantly was not one she could maintain in anything other than something with a secure fit and rubber soles. Alas, as she turned the corner to meet me in the kitchen for breakfast, I saw a sight I never thought I would see: Alexa was wearing SNEAKERS.

And not just any sneakers (natch), but the ones I had been personally ogling in her closet since the day they arrived a couple of months ago, wishing they came in my size: PLAE Max Customizable High Tops in METALLIC GOLD.

The are equally as awesome on girls and boys, comfy to wear (Alexa is very picky about the way shoes feel- these are malleable and soft inside, plus the adjustable velcro gives a customized fit each and every time) and make even her most strange outfits look instantly cool.

Oh, and not to mention add an element of street-funk to her impromptu dance breaks, as evident in video below.