The Most Modern Monogram Necklace


I have never owned a monogram necklace. Why? Because layering delicate necklaces is not been my strong suit- without fail, the chains get all tangled, I end up annoyed, standing impatiently for what feels like an eternity under the brightest light in the house while my poor husband tries to un-twist them. And I always felt that the only way to make a personal style statement with a monogram necklace was to intermingle it with other pieces- on it's own, it seemed unsubstantial.

A few months back, I spotted the most amazing monogram necklace on one of my new Westport friends. Three clean, simple, clear acrylic letters affixed to a  gold chain. She had gotten it as a gift and didn't recall where it was from. I knew instantly, as far as monogram jewelry goes, this was the one for me. The only one. Like a teenager with a bad crush, I thought of the necklace often. Imagined it with my initials, in my jewelry box, part of my everyday accessory arsenal...swoon...

Then, in seemingly unrelated news, I got an iPad mini (woo hoo!). And I needed a case for it. So naturally I went to Pretty Printing. As I perused the site (procrastinating pressing deadlines by aimlessly browsing online is my signature move), I found it! The necklace! In a million years I would have never thought to seek out piece of jewelry on my go-to stationery/tech accessory site, but, well, I guess it was just meant to be.

Now, I am the proud owner of the a modern monogram necklace that brings something special to the accessory table, no supporting cast of chains, pendants and beads necessary. 

Click here to see all the different options- tempted to order myself a second one in orange...or turquoise...or green...