My Newly Discovered Go-To Brand for Affordable Sunglasses

Every summer my sunglass collection follows the same pattern: Starts strong- with a variety of amazing shades, ends weak- because most of them have ended up destroyed by my daughters or gotten left behind somewhere.  Like socks disappearing in a dryer, it is inevitable.

Based on this, I don't allow myself to buy expensive designer frames anymore. So I am always seeking out alternatives that have the styles I want (the right silhouette, unique lens options, etc.) with a price tag that won't cause me to beat myself up if something happens to them. Because something WILL happen to them. 

While trolling Instagram, I discovered QUAY Australia- an incredibly collection of sunnies that span the style spectrum from runway-inspired to surfer sporty. Immediately I ordered 3 pairs (at $50 a pop, I felt like it was worth indulging in the name of research)- and have worn them on rotation every day since. 

Check out all the styles HERE , you are going to find something you love for sure.