Back-To-School Style, Totally Stress Free (Promise!): Rockets of Awesome


Rockets of Awesome totally reimagines how parents shop for kids. When I was initially introduced to the company, I muttered to myself "yeah whatever, it's another curated fashion delivery service, yippee"- but, after a dramatic back-to-school shopping dressing room debacle with my soon-to-be-kindergartener (gulp!) I decided to give it a try. So freaking happy I did.

All you do is fill out a style profile- perfectly detailed with all the right questions- and a (very cute) box arrives at your door soon after, packed with 12 mix-and-match pieces that are so cool, I am planning to fill out a profile for myself (in disguise as a really big kid, with fingers crossed that the size 14 fits).

You don't pay a penny for the delivery. No membership fee, no "stylist" fee, nada. Oh, and use this referral link when you sign up and you get to keep an item of your choice from the first delivery FREE! Nice, right? 

I had reverse-sticker-shock when I looked at the sales slip. The clothes are all designed in-house and the prices are VERY reasonable. Alexa's box had 2 adorable dresses, a few t-shirts, an amazing versatile black neoprene-like skirt, and an assortment of both simple and statement leggings (I noted when filling out her profile that she WON'T wear jeans and comfort is crucial- soft fabrics, easy to wear styles- and they completely listened.)  

At a mutually convenient (read: well-rested, well-fed, melt-down free) time, you and your little one can have a runway-inspired try-on session. Then, keep what you love, return what you don't and call it a day. So much less expensive, less time consuming and less stressful than a shopping trip where your kid decides they have to have every item in the store, takes their sweet time moseying around making a mess, and then freaks out about an itchy tag in the dressing room (I am guessing/hoping this scenario sounds familiar to people besides just me?)

So click here, fill out a profile, and check "get some clothes for my kid that fit and don't look ridiculous" off your to-do list.